Building Dreams

"Every man owes part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged.
No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is
striving to improve conditions within his sphere."
-President Theodor Roosevelt

Who We Are
The Saline Home Builders Association is an organization of builder and associate members promoting the quality and affordability of new housing in Saline County. Working together with local government agencies, Arkansas Home Builders Association and National Association of Home Builders, we advocate for our industry and support home-ownership for all citizens of Saline County.

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    Builder Members
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    Associate Members
What We Do​
We are the watchdogs and the voice of the home building industry
We serve consumers with our commitment to excellence, quality and trusworthiness
We are a significant engine of economic growth and year-round employment
We provide networking and educational opportunities for our members
We support charities and grant scholarships
We support and build our communities in which we live, play and raise our families

April 22 2019

Associate Member

Bank OZK
Robi McDonald
7250 Alcoa Road
Benton, AR 72015

Bank of the Ozarks was founded in 1903 as a small community bank in Jasper, Arkansas. We added an additional bank in Ozark, Arkansas, in 1937.
In 1979, George Gleason, a 25-year-old attorney, purchased controlling interest and assumed active management of the bank as chairman of the board
and chief executive officer.
From the beginning of his tenure, Mr. Gleason instilled a personal commitment to excellence, fair dealing, and exceptional customer service. These priorities have become cornerstones of the bank's character, even as we have grown to over 250 offices in ten states under
Mr. Gleason's continued stewardship.
On July 16, 2018, the new name, Bank OZK, became official. Our new name reflects both our heritage and dedication to building community and digital experiences to help you meet your financial needs.
We take great pride in knowing you, our customers. We understand that these relationships, along with our expertise, are the best ways to discover just the
right financial solutions to suit your needs.
At Bank OZK, we offer an incredible array of the very
best personal and business banking services geared to offer convenience and safety while
helping you attain your goals.
Our purpose is not to be the biggest bank –
but to simply be the best one.

Builder Member 

Bragg & Kennedy Homes
Gary Kennedy
1229 Hot Springs Hwy
Benton, AR 72019

Bragg and Kennedy Homes was founded in 1975
and serves the greater Little Rock area including
Benton and Bryant. Over the last 39 years, the
company has undertaken projects of all kinds
including residential, commercial and remodeling.
Specializing in custom homes, Bragg and Kennedy Homes has been continuously recognized as a business that
gives personal attention to its customers and 
incredible attention to detail to their projects.
The company continues to provide its customers with homes of the highest quality.